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StartPlaying is a marketplace where professional game masters and players can connect. It provides a user-friendly way to filter games based on skill level, genre, and length of campaign. It also enables game masters to charge players at the start of a session. This way, everyone can benefit from both the convenience and the quality of the gaming experience.

StartPlaying is an online marketplace for players and professional game masters

StartPlaying is building the largest online platform for tabletop role-playing games and professional game masters. The company recently announced that it raised $6.5 million in seed funding to scale its marketing efforts, expand partnerships with the gaming industry, and hire top talent. It aims to double its team size by the end of the year.

Players can search for games that match their interests, preferences, and schedules. The site also allows players to browse through different game genres and filter by game length, skill level, and play style. It’s easy to find games with your friends’ interests, or simply search for new ones.

It connects players with DMs

StartPlaying is a free website that connects players and Dungeon Masters. Players can use a variety of filters to find a DM to suit their particular style and preferences. The system offers options for simple and advanced game systems. Its creators came up with the idea after the city they live in was issued a “shelter in place” order.

It allows players to filter games based on their skill level

StartPlaying is a community of games that allows players to choose games based on their skill level, genre, and preferred platform. Users can also filter their search by skill level and game length. This feature can be useful for groups of players who want to play together, or for solo players who are just looking for a fun game to play together.

It allows game masters to charge players at the start of their session

StartPlaying works with Stripe, a secure card processing service, to charge players at the beginning of a game session. Players provide valid credit card information and pay according to the price set by the game master. The amount charged is calculated per player per session. Players are able to skip a session before it begins by choosing “Skip Session” and selecting the session date.

Professional game masters can use StartPlaying to set their own fees and receive a 10% commission from each game. They determine the genre, number of players, schedule, rules, and price per seat. The payment is deposited into the GM’s account within a day.

Dungeon Masters and Players

StartPlaying is a game-sharing website where game Masters and players can connect to play a variety of genres. The website is a free service for people of all skill levels, and it allows users to filter games by genre and play style. They also offer filters for game schedules and hold space for all players. The idea behind the platform came from a common problem back in March of 2020. The developers were in need of a game master, and found themselves with two applicants, and neither could connect with the other.

Find a group

If you haven’t found a group to play D&D with, you can try a number of social networking sites. For instance, you can try posting on Reddit’s LFG subreddit. There are also a number of Facebook groups that connect D&D players. The key to making friends in these sites is to make your presence known.

When looking for a group to play D&D, you’ll want to consider the play style of the group members. Are they more serious or more casual? Do they prefer to role-play or fight? These questions are important because they can be deal breakers.

Another place to look for groups is your local game store. Many game stores have meetups for D&D games. This is a great way to meet new people.

Find a game master

If you’re looking for a game master to host your next adventure, you’ve come to the right place. StartPlaying connects players with professional game masters who run games in a structured environment. Some of these masters host private sessions, while others host public events. Some game masters charge a fee for their services, but many are also happy to run free games for first-timers.

StartPlaying is an online marketplace that matches gamers with professional game masters, who can then charge players for a seat. They can decide the genre of the game, the number of players, the schedule, rules, and the price per seat. StartPlaying takes a commission of 10 percent of the revenue earned by the game masters. Payments are processed within one business day.

A game master runs the game, and he or she is responsible for the storyline. While you are playing the role of a character, the Dungeon Master narrates the world and its consequences. Using a ruleset and dice rolls, the Dungeon Master can react to any choice made by the players.

Communicate your desires

Choosing the right group of players can be an important decision. Not only will it have an impact on the overall game experience, but it will also help you connect with other players. Whether you’re looking for a friendly environment or a competitive atmosphere, you’ll need to be sure to communicate your preferences. For example, if you prefer RPG-focused games over combat-oriented games, you should choose a different group. It is also important to make sure you’re able to communicate your schedule, as it will help others know what you’re looking for.

Find a campaign

StartPlaying is a new online community that connects players and Game Masters of tabletop role-playing games. It was founded in 2020 and is based in San Francisco, California. The site features games and game masters of all skill levels and genres. Users can also search for games by genre and play style. The platform also helps filter games by schedule.

Trying to find a group for D&D can be difficult. The StartPlaying website makes this process easy by listing DMs and games. Users can find groups for in-person play and online play. It even offers campaign options for gamers of all levels. In addition, players can choose which characters to join the campaign.


A16z’s investment will allow StartPlaying to hire a team of talented individuals and continue marketing its platform. The startup plans to double its team by the end of the year.

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