Are There Any Non Smoking Celebrities?

Are there any non smoking celebrities? Were you aware that the Olsen twins are famous for not smoking? They started as Hollywood’s golden girls and have matured into sophisticated adults. However, Rob Olsen still smokes cigarettes, and Leonardo DiCaprio even tried to convince him to stop. The actor admitted that he had turned to smoking after his ex-wife, Kristen Stewart, cheated on him. Another non smoking celebrity is Jennifer Aniston, who quit smoking in 2007 after an extreme cleanse. tunai4d She credits yoga and a healthy diet for her successful smoking-free life.

While many celebrities smoke, you won’t find many of them on a regular basis. Several celebrities reportedly smoke, but they don’t advertise it. Some of them smoke when they’re drunk. Others smoke while walking in public. The truth is that a celebrity doesn’t have to smoke to be famous. They aren’t required to smoke for their jobs, and movie makers can often work around their smoking habits. Read more about feeds portal Click here viralwebnews Touch here foxnewshub Visit here cnnnewsworld

There are many ways to quit smoking, and celebrities are no different. Some use health kicks such as meditation and yoga to help them quit. Some even go cold turkey. Lady Gaga, for instance, quit smoking by using a cold turkey method. Smoking can be so addictive that even celebrities have trouble quitting. Gwyneth Paltrow, for example, was a smoker during her teenage years, consuming two packs a day.

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