Do You Need A Lawyer For Contested Divorce?

Divorces are complex and lead to several life-altering changes. There are various divorce-related issues that the spouses have to resolve during the divorce process. When they are unable to reach an agreement on the resolution of one or more of the issues, it is considered to be a contested divorce. 

Contested divorces are stressful and more complicated than uncontested divorces. It is necessary to have strong legal representation to ensure that your rights are fully protected. Get legal help from a qualified attorney to attain a favorable outcome. 

What does your lawyer do in uncontested divorces?

  • Petition. 

The spouse must serve the other with the divorce petition to initiate the divorce proceedings. The legal paperwork notifies them about the divorce and states the grounds for divorce. Your lawyer helps you prepare, file, and serve this petition. If you have received a petition, they help you respond to it appropriately. 

  • Discovery. 

Before the divorce trial, the discovery process enables lawyers to gather information and evidence from the other side. Being honest during the discovery process is crucial to prevent complications in your case in the future. It allows spouses to collect financial and relevant information they need through witness interviews, depositions, and other such procedures. 

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  • Advice for resolving divorce issues. 

Divorce issues primarily include property division, child custody and support, and alimony. Your lawyer provides you with personalized advice based on your unique circumstances and needs. They help you understand the state laws regarding property division and analyze the value of your marital assets. They also enable you to calculate the alimony value and child support you need to pay or receive. Lawyers also help draft fair child custody arrangements. 

  • Court trial representation. 

Lawyers are skilled negotiators and strongly advocate for your needs in divorce negotiations with the other party. However, if the negotiations are unsuccessful, they are equipped to represent you in court in front of the judge. They help you prepare for the trial, cross-examine the other party’s witnesses, present evidence, and make a closing argument. The judge assesses the case and makes decisions to resolve the issues.

  • Appeal. 

If the spouses disagree with the judge’s decisions, they must file an appeal to modify the divorce judgment. A lawyer helps you file an appeal within the time limit and follow the legal procedures to reverse, remand, or modify the trial court’s order. 

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The presence of an experienced lawyer can benefit your case significantly. They ensure that your future is protected and guide you throughout the legal procedures. They understand your distress during this time and work efficiently to make the process simpler for you and relieve your stress.

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