From a World Class Dancer to an Honorable Academic – David Outevsky

The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery” -Mark Van Doren.

Dance is a form of self-expression. It creates art that goes beyond yourself and makes you move freely. Dance helps you put your emotions through your body without saying a word. 

Talking of dance, we are compelled to talk about someone who is not only brilliant in the dance industry but has also conquered dance education and research. He is known as a world-class educator who teaches professionals and non-professionals alike. A teacher whose techniques and course material is difficult to find anywhere else; he is none other than David nailfits.

David Outevsky is one of the extraordinary people who mastered their art for themselves and then taught their passion to others. This is indeed a great way to honor your art.

In 2020, he started his own company Outevsky Bespoke Dance Education, where he started giving professional development workshops and courses to dance teachers, serious students, and dance associations.

Originally from Russia, David started appreciating classical arts such as ballet, opera, and painting in his early years. He didn’t know that people would be so appreciative of not only his dance but his teachings as well.

Moving to Israel with his family for a better life proved to be a lot helpful for David as he started ballroom dancing under the teaching of a capable Soviet immigrant teacher. He eventually moved to Montreal, Canada, where he participated in amateur dance competitions. This was the start of his flourishing new career.

At 21, David started teaching; this journey started when he went to the UK for a year as an exchange student at Concordia University to study factsmaniya.

He worked under the guidance of the dancing star Paul Killick in his studio, teaching celebrities like Mary Elisabeth, Master Antonio, and Danny Minogue. After graduation, he wanted to learn and teach on a global scale, enamored by the explorative opportunities in dance pedagogy.

In 2010, David pursued a Master’s in dance science at the prestigious Trinity Laban Conservatory of Music and Dance in London, UK. He was the first person to do dance science research on ballroom dancing. After this, David was accepted for a fellowship at York University in Canada as a Ph.D. scholar. 

A teacher finds a way to teach everywhere – similar was the case with David. He taught Kinesiology, dance in film, dance conditioning, and cultural dance, among others, to undergraduate students in dance and non-majors while doing his Ph.D. 

As a top-of-the-line dancer, David got invited to teach in the dance program at the University of Calgary. He designed a course that included Dance History, Aesthetics, and Film.

In 2020, David was offered the position of Dance Development Coordinator at Dance With Me Studios in the USA, where he helped a lot when COVID hit. His pragmatic knowledge of the art enabled him to transform the company into a fully functional setup by 2022, even though he was just two months into the job.

He initiated the company’s first-ever virtual classes and competitions while publishing two seminal articles on pre-season screening for dance and Soviet immigrant ballroom dancers in North America.

Outevsky Bespoke Dance Education became a shrine to everyone who worshiped the art. It provides multiple programs that no other academies can impart to their students. Dance Studies, Dance Practice, or Dance Science consists of workshops like Conditioning and Imagery for Dancers and Research Methods in Dance Science.

David’s main goal with his company ‘Outevsky Bespoke Dance Education’ is to give dance professionals quality teachings in dancer health and inclusive practices to teach it further to their students. Given his accomplishments as a dancer, academic, and now teacher, we are sure that he will continue to be a trailblazing force in the industry.

For more information about these services and David’s new ventures, visit the website and David’s LinkedIn.

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