Has a Celebrity Ever gotten Angry With a Paparazzi in Public?

Has a celebrity ever gotten angry with an on-camera paparazzi? The answer may surprise you. Here are a few examples. First, in 2013, Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin slashed the tires of a paparazzo’s car after the latter wouldn’t leave him alone. When the paparazzi stopped taking pictures of Coldplay, they took their break and went outside to confront the actor.

Another famous celebrity who has gotten angry with a paparazzi is Alec Brand. The comedian, actor, radio host, and YouTuber has gotten very angry with paparazzi in the past. While many of his public encounters with paparazzi have been pleasant foodiesfact, he has gotten angry at one particularly obnoxious paparazzi. He has pushed the photographer in the process of getting a picture of him, yelling at him, and even grabbing the lens with his hand.

While fame is a wonderful thing, it comes with its disadvantages igadgetnow. While it brings fame, money, and attention, it can also encroach on a celebrity’s space. Several celebrities have publicly expressed their displeasure at paparazzi behavior, and some have even got into physical altercations with them. But what are the consequences of getting angry with a paparazzi?

Another example is the incident in which Justin Bieber got trampled by a paparazzi on his way to his LA home. Though he was not injured, he was humiliated and even pressed charges against the photographer. While most of the celebrity world is tolerant of such situations igadgetnewstoday, he knows that the situation warranted harsher measures.

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