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How to Tell If Someone is Online on Snapchat

There are two ways to determine whether a person is online. You can use the Snapchat timestamp, or the date and time that a snap was opened. In the screenshot above, the recipient’s time stamp is marked “Just Now.”

You can also see if someone is online by checking out their recent snaps. To do this, you need to swipe right to view their chats. Afterward, press on the “Chats” tab, and then find the person. A recent snap will appear in the Chats section with a timestamp of the time it was read. If the timestamp is within 24 hours, it’s a good bet that the person is online.

Another way to tell if a person is online is by checking their Snap Score. This is easy to do. When a friend’s Snap Score is increasing, it means they’ve been online recently. A low number means that the person is offline, while a high score indicates they are online. Using the Snapchat Map is one of the easiest ways to tell if someone is online, but the time stamp will be different for different users.

If you can’t tell if someone is online, try a few different methods. The easiest way to tell if a friend is online is if they have recently updated their profile. You can also check if they have recently uploaded a story. The stories you see on Snapchat are likely to still be active. If they haven’t recently posted a story, it’s likely that they’re online.


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