Is Tesla a Successful Company?

As a new CEO, you’re probably thinking about what you can do to make Tesla even more successful. While the company is definitely making some impressive advances, you have to wonder what it takes to make their vehicles more affordable. This company is accelerating the transition to clean energy and transport. Unlike other companies, Tesla is gearing up to tackle the major challenges society faces today. For instance, they are preparing for a world where all cars are electric, where the grid is completely green, and where factories are fully automated.

As a businessman, Musk has proven that he knows how to build a successful company. This was obvious even before the company built its first electric car. He understood that ‘going green’ had become a status symbol, and many embraced it. The result was a car that was fast, sexy, and efficient. Even actor Leonardo DiCaprio replaced his Prius with a Tesla Roadster.

As a carmaker, Tesla has managed to avoid the issues of battery shortages that limited the sale of electric cars. Because of this, the company broke ground on a gigafactory in 2014, producing batteries alongside Panasonic and ensuring a reliable supply for its customers. That means Tesla can continue to increase production while still making a loss. In the meantime, the company will have to play catch-up with the growing electric battery market.

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