Knight family wanted him to attend his mother’s funeral

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Although Suge Knight is currently in prison for his role in the expotab of his mother, he’s reportedly picking up the $20,000 bill for her funeral. Maxine Chatman died of a stroke on June 17, and Knight is reportedly paying for her funeral and burial in Whittier, CA. A few weeks ago, Suge Knight revealed he was willing to pay for Maxine Chatman’s funeral. But he’s only doing it because he wants to attend her funeral.

Knight’s family wanted him to attend his mother’s funeral, but he’s currently incarcerated in another state. Although she’d been a model citizen togelup, her family said that they wanted Suge to attend the funeral. The family also wanted Knight to be able to pay their respects to Maxine Chatman. They want to know if he’ll appeal this decision to the court. But for now, the Knight family is just trying to get Suge out of jail.

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