Places That Serve Food After Midnight in Indore

If you’re looking for places that are open until late, you’ve come to the right place! Indore has a thriving nightlife and has developed its own dining and street food culture. The city is much more laid-back than the metros, and residents have taken to late-night snacking and delivery more than in the major cities. The city’s increase in students has also fueled the late-night snacking culture. As a result, the food delivery scene is as buzzing as Sarafa gully.

For an intimate meal with your significant other, check out a popular cafe in Indore called O2 Cafe. Known for its European ambiance and extensive menu, this cafe offers classic and modern cuisines. It even has a library for your reading pleasure! Other popular options in Indore include the O2 Cafe de la Ville, which combines a library and a cafe. This venue offers valet parking and is open until midnight!

If you are looking for Indian street food, consider trying Dahi Bada. This hearty dish consists of deep-fried lentil balls, served with curd. The restaurant was started by Ram Chandra Joshi in 1977, and it has been serving Dahi Bada in the city for nearly four decades. The restaurant serves badas in style and serves them until 1AM after midnight.


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