Stay Motivated With These Fitness Challenge Apps

Staying motivated with your fitness challenge requires making exercise fun! Find new ways to incorporate favorite activities into your daily routine or add a fun twist to workouts. Whether you’re just starting out or an experienced fitness pro, here are a few apps to help keep you on the path towards better health. If you want to get more information visit realestatespro.

Human – Get Active for 30 Minutes Every Day

Are you not a gym goer but still want to stay fit, this app is the ideal solution. It tracks your movement and rewards you with points for each 30 minutes of physical activity completed. If you want to get more information visit toyroomstore.

Sworkit: Fit the Workout into Your Schedule

Are you a fan of group fitness but can’t make it to the studio? Sworkit has you covered with this app’s wide selection of curated classes tailored for all skill levels and objectives. Choose from strength, cardio, yoga or stretching as your goal and set how much time you have available to workout; Sworkit will then suggest workouts within those parameters. If you want to get more information visit sensongs.

This app, created by an ACSM certified fitness physiologist, helps you build muscle with targeted rep-based exercises. Plus, it syncs with your Apple Watch so you can check off each rep and track your progress during each workout. If you want to get more information visit solonvet.

Charity Miles – Running, biking or walking to raise money for a cause can be an effective way to hold yourself accountable for reaching your  fitness objectives. This app allows you to earn 10-25 cents per mile you run, bike or walk and charity sponsors will donate that money directly to the cause of your choice. If you want to get more information visit livebongda.

AARMY – Bootcamps in Different Program Formats

Are you looking to sculpt your muscles and boost flexibility, AARMY is  the ideal app. This fitness app offers a range of workouts in various training formats like indoor cycling, bootcamp and recovery. Not only  that but it’s highly customizable with an innovative feature which  enables users to save their favorite exercises offline for offline access later.

AARMY provides motivational training and affirmations to keep you on track. Plus, you’ll find a selection of upbeat playlists to get through your workout sessions with renewed energy.

Nike Run Club – Track Your Miles with a Friend

Are you looking for an incentive to keep you motivated during workouts? Look no further than this app, which provides pre-made workouts, customizable options and even follow along videos from top trainers. It has something to suit everyone’s fitness level!

Create your own challenges with friends and family to keep everyone on the same page. Hold each other accountable for progress, then celebrate successes together!

FitQuote – Rise to the Challenge with a New Fitness Quote Every Day Sticking with fitness can be tough, but having an inspirational quote that reminds you why it’s important can make it much easier to stay motivated. This app provides you with one new fitness quote every day so there’s something exciting waiting for you when you open your phone in the morning!

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