Worst Ideas and Trends in Education Reform

One of the most common myths surrounding education reform is that charter schools and other alternative schools are a cure-all. Unfortunately, there is no single, magic solution for education reform. The U.S. is a huge country, with wildly divergent socioeconomic disparities. This makes a one-size-fits-all approach to educational reform a highly ineffective choice. The corporate investor’s idea of education reform is that charter schools are the answer to failing school districts.

In this century, the role of public education has expanded. Do-gooders have made the case for expanding the role of public education to combat crime, delinquency, and physical abuse. Advocates of Head Start and other supplements to public schools have gained attention from politicians and public officials. But are these ideas really necessary? Will education reform work if it exacerbates inequality? Only time will tell.

In the long run, any reform effort needs to create favorable conditions to ensure that teachers and administrators want to make necessary changes. Simply exhorting educators to adopt reform is not enough if they have to deal with the rigors of their jobs. The primary barrier to reform is the conditions of teachers and administrators. If the working conditions of teachers and administrators are not conducive to change, no reform initiative will work.

Education reform has also made the teaching profession disenfranchised. Many teachers say that GERM reforms have robbed them of the joy and fulfillment of teaching. Despite the benefits, many teachers are blaming teachers unions and bloated public education bureaucracies for the current situation. But these are just some of the worst ideas and trends in education reform. Do they really matter?

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